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Solar Power Plant / Hybrid UPS

Solar Power Plant - Solar Power Generation is an alternative renewable Solar Energy resource without any running cost. Solar Power Plant generated energy can be utilised for home, commercial and Industrial use. We design, manufacture and Install Solar Power Plant at par with industrial standards. Solar Power generating Plant in Tamilnadu is a turn-key solution to power outage problem. Our Solar generation plant will deliver highly efficient renewable sources which helps in renewable energy usage.

We manufacture and provide a wide range of finest power solutions, as we are familiar with different customer requirements. Even, to ensure meeting their requisites more specifically, we always put in our efforts for manufacturing customized products. Our various Solar Power plants have been installed across Tamil Nadu and all over south India. Our fabricated range of solar power plants varies from 250 Watts to 500 Kilo Watt.

Capacity VA / Watt 800VA/640W 1000VA/800W 2000VA/1600W 3000VA/2400W 5KVA-20KVA
Battery VDC 12VDC 12/24/36/48VDC 24/36/48VDC 36/48VDC 96V-360VDC
Inbuilt Solar Charge Controller PWM CHARGE CONTROLLER / MPPT
Nominal Output Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 Vac
User Selectable Mode UPS ( For Computer Applications ) Optional / Wide Mode ( lighting Applications )


Voltage Range Acceptable Voltage Range 180 – 260V(For UPS mode) 120 – 290VAC(For wide mode)
Frequency 40 Hz – 53 Hz
Low Voltage Transfer 180V AC±5V(For UPS mode) 120V AC±5V(For wide range mode)
Low Voltage Return 190V AC±5V(For UPS mode) 130V AC±5(For wide range mode)
High Voltage Transfer 260V AC±5V(For UPS mode) 290V AC±5V(For wide range mode)
High Voltage Return 250V AC±5V(For UPS mode) 283V AC±5V(For wide range mode)


Voltage Regulation Mains Mode Follows input
Voltage Regulation in Battery mode
220 V AC - Nominal
Freq.reg Line Mode same as AC Mains Input
  Battery Mode 50Hz±0.1Hz
Power Factor 0.8
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency   Upto 92% (dependent on System VDC and Load)

Overload Protection

Line Mode Inline Fuse protected
Battery Mode 110%-120% for 10sec;>120%for 200ms, Retry for 4 times then Inverter Shuts Down
Short Circuit protection Line Mode FUSE
Battery Mode Electronic Shutdown

Solar Inverter Hybrid

With both mains power present and solar present (power save mode) Battery Fully Charged Automatic Change over to Backup mode and runs on Solar, if solar not sufficient, excess is taken from the battery until battery discharges below 11.95v
Battery discharge below 11.95 volts Returns to mains utility power and charges the battery using only solar. When again the battery is fully charges – repeats above function

With Mains power present and Solar Absent

Returns to mains utility power and charges battery using Mains utility power
Solar charger Solar Prefer mode (with mode Switch TOP) Only charges through solar when solar present, if Solar absent then charges through Utility power (charging LED glow continous)          
Duel Mode (with mode switch Down) Charges both from Mains utility power and solar (charging LED blink)
DC Start Cold Start (with Load) Yes


Backup Time Depends on batteries connected (Max Battery Capacity recommended up to 200Ah)
Upto 12A-Mains utility power / solar charging current depends on Panel wattage
Solar IN, Mains ON, Inverter ON, Charges / Charging, Battery Low, Over Load, Over Temperature, Inverter Fault, Phase reversal, Short Circuit
Charging Current
LED Display
LCD Display I/P Volt, O/P Volt, Load % Solar Current, Battery volt
Audible Alarm Battery High / Low/Bad, Phase reverse, Over load, Short circuit, Output Bad & Over Temperature Beeps with different Interval
Protection Features Battery Low / High //Over charge, Overload. Over Temperature, Short Circuit,Phase reverse / Battery reverse – DC fuse fails on PCB
Parameter Re-settable Output Voltage, Charging Current, Battery Boost Voltage
Physical Dimensions (WxHxD) mm  
  Net Weight (Kgs)
Environmental Operating Temperature 0 - 40˚C; 32 - 104˚F
Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Audible Noise Less than 55dBA (at 1M)

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