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Servo Volatage Stabilizer

Capacity 1 – 500 KVA Single / Three Phase
next  Type Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Supply  Frequency 45 – 55 Hz
next Input  Voltage Optional
next Output  Voltage 230 /400 V +/- 1% (Adjustable)
next Output  Voltage  Accuracy Better Than +/- 1%
next Speed of Correction 60 V Per Sec
next Efficiency Better Than 99%
next Wave  Form  Distortion Nil
next Effect  of  Load  Power  Factor Nil
Environment Indoor  Use
next Ambient  Temperature 0 – 50 deg.C
Fuse / MCCB Variac Fuse & Input MCB/ MCCB
next Voltmeter 0 – 999 V Digital Voltmeter provided for measuring Phase to Neutral and Phase to Phase Voltage at each phase INPUT & OUTPUT
next Relative  Humidity 90%
next Indication Suitable LED / LCD indicator to be Provided for

  RYB input indication
  RYB Output indication
  Input ,Output Low
  Input , Output High
next Controls
  Auto Control Programming to set suitable Output Voltage in Auto control mode.
  Input/Output Voltage selector switch to measure the Voltages
next Protection
  Overload and Short Circuit protection Suitable MCB / MCCB to be provided
  Electronic Under Voltage & Over Voltage protection
next Painting Colour Option
next By Pass Switch Manual L& T By-Pass switch Provided in the STABILISER

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