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Servo Stabilizers

Our Product range includes Single Phase, Three Phase, Air Cooled & Oil Cooled type Stabilizers. As per the incoming EB Voltage at the site, we offer Extra Wide Range, Wide Range, Normal Range and Sub-Normal Range of Stabilizers. Further, to maintain the consistency in the performance of the machines, these are also continually upgraded.

Our products are equipped with Advanced Micro controller based solid state circuit which controls the servomotor. The motor determines the turns to decide buck / boost transformer as it is mechanically attached to the arm of a continuously variable auto transformer, in compliance to requisite norms and standards.

  • C N C Machines
  • Modern Textile Machineries
  • Test and Lab Equipment
  • Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Digital Audio & Video Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Air Conditioners (Higher Capacity) & House hold Equipment
  • Micro Controller Based
  • Digital Volt Meter to read Input & Output Voltage
  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off
  • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Audio Indication for Cut-off Stage
  • Suitable visual indications
  • Time Delay & Auto Reset Facility
  • Incorporated with Surge Suppressor
  • Plug in type Electronic Circuit Board for fast and reliable service.
  • Available in 190 / 340 V , 170 / 300 V, 140 / 240V and 100 / 175V range
  • Output Voltage 220 V / 400 V +/-1%

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