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Dc Rectifier

With our rich industrial experience, we are offering a wide range of DC Rectifiers. These are basically designed for converting alternating current to direct current with specified voltage and current. Generally, used in Engineering colleges and Polytechnic Laboratories to run the DC motors and other Equipment. Also it is designed for Electro Plating and Anodizing applications.
Specification for Engineering Colleges
Input - Three Phase (300 – 460 V AC)
Output - 220V DC / 100 Amps, 220V DC / 200 Amps

For Electroplating & Anodizing
A variable voltage DC source is required for electro deposition of electroplating, anodizing etc. The various rating of voltages and currents required for the process depends upon the metal to be deposited and process adopted. BEC rectifiers are designed in standard voltages of 8V to 24V with current ratings varying from 100amps upto 10000amps.

Brief Specifications:
A. C. Input Rectifiers are designed to work on 415V AC, 3ph. 50 Hz. supply and suitable for an input range of 375V to 450V. Units of very small capacities namely 8V/12V/16V DC upto 100 amps rating can also be supplied to work on an input voltage of 240V AC 1ph, 50Hz. supply.
D. C. Output

The DC output voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to full rated value, from no load to full rated current, over the input range as specified. All 3 phase units have low ripple of less than 5% and are suitable for all kinds of metal finishing..

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